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Our History




Since the end of January 2019, the coe Leadership has had a third face. In addition to Holger Ostermann and Andreas Segelken, Torben Segelken has also now joined the Management Team and is based at the Bremen site.
Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and experienced employees in Bremen and Stuttgart, coe is now one of the leading prepress houses in Europe, employing a total of 54 people across both locations.


On May 1, 2002, a second location opened in Stuttgart-Filderstadt under the management of great-grandson Holger Ostermann with four employees. Today it already numbers over 20. Both companies have always worked closely together, developed joint workflows and new quality standards (ISO certification) and implemented them successfully. Since July 1, 2004, Andreas Segelken and Holger Ostermann have been managing both locations together.





In the mid-90s, the premises at Steffensweg in Bremen-Walle were no longer sufficient, by a long way, to cope with the steadily growing number of orders, employees and necessary machinery. At the end of October 1998, the company moved to its new production site at "Stillen Weg 5" in Stuhr-Moordeich. Only one year later coe presented itself for the first time at the Label Expo 1999 in Brussels and successfully participated in several international competitions.


On March 1, 1989, Andreas Segelken joined the company, initially as a sales representative. Through his intensive customer acquisition, he succeeded in gaining numerous new customers in label printing. Together with Heinrich Ostermann junior, the conversion to digital production was constantly expanded in the following years. On September 29, 1993, Andreas Segelken took over the management of the company in Bremen.





On September 2, 1991, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary and at the same time faced unprecedented changes. With the conversion of production to digital technology and the help of Belgian company Barco-Graphics (later Esko) a new era began in the fall of 1991.


42 years later, the company, which in the meantime had become known far beyond the borders of the country, was handed over to the next generation. On January 1, 1971, grandsons Heinrich and Carl Ostermann junior took over the management. Electroforming was further expanded under their management and new manufacturing processes such as phototypesetting and nyloprint plates were introduced. The work of the past decades bore fruit. The course is set for the production of flexographic printing plates!





After 38 hard, crisis-ridden, but also successful years, his son Heinrich Ostermann took over the small company on May 17, 1929. At his father's request, the company was renamed Carl Ostermann Erben. Heinrich Ostermann senior faced hard times but nevertheless succeeded in making a new start in February 1946. A little later, the company moved to Steffensweg in Bremen-Walle and rebuilt the stereotype department.


In the beginning, there was a small but fine idea that was to greatly change the lead casting of the time. After years of tinkering and experimenting, Carl Ostermann, a trained stereotyper, founded his small one-man business in Bremen on September 2, 1891. In the years that followed, the business flourished, Carl Ostermann married and moved with his wife and children to Steinbachstraße 5 on April 1, 1895, which served as a residential and commercial building.



Our history - over 130 years of tradition and matters of the heart

Since its foundation by Carl Ostermann in 1891, coe has continued to develop: from the idea of changing lead casting to the expansion of electroforming and finally to one of the leading prepress houses in Europe. In 2011, Heinrich Ostermann junior took a look back at the company and family history on the occasion of the 120th anniversary - the result was a detailed 120-page chronicle about the family business. Would you like to learn more about “A Real Affair Of The Heart “? Don't hesitate to ask us for a copy.